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The price and use of silicon slag Full-time Job

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As one of the metallurgical materials purchased in large quantities by manufacturers, silicon slag has an irreplaceable advantage. The price of silicon slag is relatively low compared with other ferroalloy products, but it has a wide range of uses. Silicon slag is the residue left after the refining of silicon ore, which also contains a lot of silicon content.The use of silicon slag is also more extensive.

The use of silicon slag is mainly can be used as deoxidizer and refining the industrial silicon in the silicon slag.Silicon slag is a "star" in the field of deoxidizing. As a deoxidizing agent, it can reduce costs and increase profits. Because of its low price and silicon content, steelmakers prefer silicon slag products when purchasing ferroalloy raw materials for steelmaking.Silicon slag also performs well in desulfurization, mainly because silicon slag contains a large number of basic oxides, which can react with sulfur dioxide to produce sulfate, and its slurry can be used for flue gas desulfurization.So silicon slag with low price, high efficiency by the majority of customers.

The silicon slag products of Henan Star Metallurgical Materials Group are complete in type: Si30%, 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%, 65%.Granularity level uniform 0-3mm, 0-12mm, 10-100mm or customized granularity can be, my company in addition to silicon slag specializing in the production of ferrosilicone, fermanganese, inoculation agent, silicon carbide and other metallurgical resistant materials, with a complete and scientific quality management system, variety of specifications, good service quality is excellent, look forward to working with you.

Silicon briquette is pressed with silicon slag powder, Silicon slag is the floating slag during the process of silicon metal smelting. It is a kind of good deoxidizer and widely used for steelmaking. With the low price and good performance, it is used to replace Ferro silicon by the steel plant. Steel casting industry insiders know that some after refining silicon slag is lft over from the original silion ore, but also contains a lot of silicon, silicon slag as one of production enterprises large number of procurement of metallurgical materials, has an irreplaceable advantage, because the purpose of the silicon is different, there are many different kinds of silicon slag and slag can be roughly divided into industrial silicon, solar silicon slag, semiconductor silicon slag.

The recovery of silicon from the waste industrial silicon slag is urgent for the cleaner production of silicon industry. The feasibility and optimization of recovering and purifying the metallic silicon from silicon slag are investigated by a united technology of combining electromagnetic separation and slag treatment. The physicochemical purification mechanism of silicon from slag was put forward. A calcium silicate slag reagent containing chlorine was added to the raw materials, which displays greatly role on separation and purification of metallic silicon. The optimized experimental conditions of melting time 60?min and heating power 15?kW were obtained.

What is the High Carbon Silicon ?

High Carbon Silicon , another name is H C Silicon . It is the by-product of Silicon metal , and main element are Si and C , balance are S , P, SiO2.

How to produce High Carbon Silicon ?

In the process of producing Silicon metal, temperature is not enough to adequately smelting the raw material of Silicon metal in the bottom .After a long time of accumulation , there will be the by- product High carbon silicon .


Improve the quality of molten steel, improve product quality and improve product capacity.

Reduce the amount of alloy added, reduce steelmaking costs, and increase economic benefits.

Price is very low , meanwhile quality is very stable .

High Carbon Silicon

High carbon silicon, also known as high carbon ferrosilicon,high carbon metal silicon or silicon carbon alloy. This product is a by-product of the production of metal silicon.

The main components are silicon and carbon. Generally required between silicon 40-70%. The carbon content is between 10-25%. Other ingredients are: silica, phosphorus, sulfur and so on. It can replace ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, carbonizer. And Reduce the amount of deoxidizer. It can be used in converter smelting deoxidation alloy process.

High carbon silicon production process

In the process of smelting metal silicon, there is a case where the electrodes are not uniformly heated in the furnace. As a result, the furnace bottom fails to reach the optimum temperature required to produce metal silicon. A small amount of raw materials such as silica and carbon at the bottom did not fully react. After a long period of accumulation under high temperature conditions, it forms a block on the bottom of the furnace.

These large (stable traits) chunks are broken and screened, which is what we often call high carbon silicon.

A metal made from the second-most abundant element on Earth has become scarce, threatening everything from car parts to computer chips and throwing up another hurdle for the world economy.

The shortage in silicon metal, sparked by a production cut in China, has sent prices up 300% in less than two months. It’s the latest in a litany of disruptions, from snarled supply chains to a power crunch, that are creating a destructive mix for companies and consumers.

The silicon issue also captures how the global energy crisis is cascading through economies in multiple ways. The slashing of output in China, far and away the world’s biggest silicon producer, is the result of efforts to reduce power consumption.

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